Friday, April 24, 2020

Best 5 photo Editing app for Android

What is Photo Editing app?

Photo Editing app is that thing in which a person use to editing there photo to make it creative. You can use many filter to make your photo creative. Photo Editing app change your image to make it beautiful and coolest.

Nowadays it is most common in boys and girls to edit there photo it become a new trend in are modern generation. Every boys and every girls want there photo creative to look good in social media app. In Android you can edit your pictures for no money from free Photo Editing app there are many apps to edit your photos for free you have just to download them. Otherwise some are paying money to edit there photo in photo studios. 

Best 5 Photo Editing Apps in Android

1. Picsart Photo Studio.

2. Photo Director.

3. Beauty Plus.

4. B612.

5. Photo Editor Pro.

Picsart Photo Studio

Picstart is used to give many effects like sketch effect, glitch effect, vintage filter and many sticker and its free. There are many tools for crooping, stretching and cloning. Picsart can change your image to make it creative. It is easy to handle by anyone. You can used the collage mode to make a collage of your photos. If you want to share your felling you can also write in your photo by using writing mode. And you can use the sticker to make your photo more savage.

Photo Director

It's best app to make photo Animation. The animation lover can use this app to make there photo Animated. This app also best for cloning your picture and this have contain many frame, filters, effects and more stickers. You can change your photo white balance and HDR. It helps to make your image adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation adjustment. This app give a mode in which you can make your own stickers.

Beauty Plus

This app is more trending in girls. Girls use this app most make there photo beautiful because this app has a automatic beauty filter in which it adjust to there face and make a Automatic makeup and make there face prettier. This app has many filter to make your photo more creative but as compare to boys this app is made for girls because it has more beauty filter. This app can removes pimples and your face darkness and skin cut.

B612(Photo Editor)

B612 has beauty and filter Editing mode. And it also can blur your background to make your photo like you clicked it from DSLR. It also has various drawing effect and this effect also give a mode to pair your video with exciting tunes. You can also make a boomerang video. Create collages where you can see all your best moments in one place.

 Photo Editor Pro

This app give you a pro Editing level and it takes less storage of your phone. This app is used to make your body and face slim. You can edit your hair styles it has many hair style filters which make your image very creative and this app is also trending in boys because of there body and face slim and hair style filters. It has blur photo back ground to get DSLR blur effect.

How to Download Photo Editing App in Android?

Open your play-store app first and then  click on the search option and the type the name of the Photo Editing app you want to download. And you will find the install option in side off the app and you have to simply click on the install option. You can asked your friend for the link off the Photo Editing app he or she is using and when they send you the link and you can simply click on the link and the app gonna come and you can downloaded.

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