Friday, April 24, 2020

Nimo TV app free for Android or ios

Nimo TV app is a live gaming streaming app. You can playing many games and streaming in this app. It is a good platform for many streamer. You can playing and streaming many Action game, Arcade game and Story game in this app.

You can show your gaming skills to many people. People also get encourage and get confident to do live stream. It’s a e-sports competition gaming center from all over the many country people can show their gaming skills and prove themselves who are the best and there are monthly
competition in which the best team can participate and prove from those who are the best by defeating each other and who wins the team is the best all over the country.

What Is Nimo TV app

Nimo TV app is a streaming and gaming app. You can earn many followers with your gaming skills. you can sharing many short gaming clip with your followers. Nimo TV app is a top live gaming streaming platform. In this app  you can collecting many gifts and rewards. You can choose global live stream, local live stream and other live stream. You can choose many languages like Hindi, English, Filipino and etc.

How To Use Nimo TV app

First  you have to sign-up in Nimo TV app the app shows many option from which option your convenient to log-in like by your Facebook id, Instagram, google id and your phone number and then you can setup a password for security purpose some other person can not log-in your account. Then you can select from many languages option. Then you can choose from many gaming option and select one game you want to stream live.

If your gaming skills, communicating skills and your content is different so you get many chance to gather a huge audience they can like your video and comment your live stream to encourage that you come daily and do a live stream daily and they can also give you gift and diamonds so you can come number 1 in leaderboard. You can set your daily schedule and the app will send you notification that’s it’s time to live stream.

Graphics And Video Quality

It has many graphics according to your game quality. It’s gives your live stream hd quality so it encourage more people to use this hd live stream app. It’s gives your video quality between 240 pixels , 360 pixels, 480 pixels, 1080 pixels. you can adjust the graphics in which you are comfortable it’s graphics use your less data.

How to Download Nimo TV 

Simple and easy way to download Nimo TV app. First you have to open the play store app and simply search for Nimo TV app and click the  download option. you can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply  then installed in your phone.

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