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Pubg Mobile game for android or ios

Pubg Mobile game is a #1 grossing game in the gaming world. You can play this game in many platforms just like IOS, Android, Emulator(PC). This game is best for test your gaming skills in this game. PUBG Mobile game is a action mobile game and you can play it for free anywhere, anytime.

Pubg Mobile game is most competitive game in the gaming world. You can make  many strategy to defeat your opponent. This game is providing a platform to earn money like tournaments, live stream in Youtube. You can join any clan by just sending clan request and your friend also invite you to join the clan.

Pubg Mobile Gaming Maps

Pubg Mobile game provide you many maps mode such as:

1.Classic mode: 

In this mode you have four maps Erangle, Vikendi, Sanhok and Miramar. Erangle  map is come downloaded by the game other maps you have to download with your mobile data.

2.Arcade mode: 

In this mode you have four maps Hardcore mode, Quick match, Sniper training and War.

3.Arena mode:

 In this mode you have four maps Arena training, Team deathmatch, Domination and Assault.

4. Paylab mode: 

In this mode you have two maps Rage gear-TDM and Payload. 

How To Play Pubg Mobile Game

This game Contain three modes[solo mode, duo mode and squad mode]. This games lobby contain 100 randoms players from all around server which your country using. You can select many server in this game. You can play this game with your friend in duo and squad mode. You can select from mode in which mode map you have to play it’s your choice. This game have two mode like FPP(first person) and TPP(third person). If you get knockdown by the enemy your team member can the revive in squad and duo mode. If you killed the enemy you can loot their crate. There is two drop one is supply from the game and second one you get from the flair gun.

There are two character one is female and second is male. You get many guns in the game you can kill your enemy by this gun. When the game started and landed on the ground your health is 100%.when you hit by the enemy and your health get less you can heal by med, energy drink , painkiller, bandages. There is timer in the game get started and the blue zone come near you and your health are automatically get decreasing if you are in the blue zone so you have go to inside the circle and the circle decreasing and player kills each other and who survive at the last get the winner.

Weapon And Vehicle

Many Weapons and vehicles are in this game according to you need-


Assault rifles, Bolt action, Snipers, Smg, Shotgun, pistols, Melee and Grenades.


 Uaz, Buggy, Motarcycle, Motarcycle w/sidecar, dacia, and etc.

Graphics And Controls

Pubg Mobile game graphics are realistic and colorful, and you can choose from several graphics which is convenient by you such as Smooth, Balanced, Hd, Hdr and Ultra Hd. There are few games for mobile which provide this type of amazing graphics. Pubg Mobile game is the one of them who is providing this type of graphics.

Player can customize the control by their convenient way in which he or she feels good to play. You can adjust the controls many types like four finger, six finger and thumb.

Purchase Royal Pass

You can purchase royal pass by online transaction like Paytm, debid card, credit card and etc. There is a criteria if you gave 800 INR you get 600uc it is enough to purchase the royal pass. You can get many clothes for your character and gun skins, vehicle skin and helmet skin and you get some of your UC back so you have to invest little amount to purchase upcoming season royal pass.

How To Download Pubg Mobile Game

Simple and easy way to download Pubg Mobile game. First you have to open the play store app and simply search for Pubg Mobile game and download. you can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply then installed in your phone.  

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