Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Best 3 App you can use in your Daily Life

This is the apps you can use in your Daily life style like -

1. Swiggy

2. Google Pay

3. Ola Cab

1. Swiggy app

If you don't know how to cook and you don't want go outside to buy the food and you can simply order the food will be delivered to your door steps. Which ever the restaurant in your city contacted with Swiggy so you can order from the restaurant from your Swiggy app. This app give you many offers to buy that food item on a discount whatever the restaurant it's providing.

you have to apply the coupon Swiggy it or whatever it showing and it has the time period of the delivery rate and don't want the food item you can cancelled between the time period of delivery and by chance if your food item is ruined or any item is missing you can fill the complaint and they will give you the money back and you can simply reordered the food back for free and they can also give you a discount on your next order. In this app you can also track your food. 


How to use Swiggy app

When you open the app you have to make a id for that you have to give your number then OTP will come you have to submitted in it OTP option now you have give the address and you can simply use the option current location which ever the restaurant is on Swiggy will come on your app. Now you can choose whatever the food item you want to eat and there many discount offer will come on different restaurant it is 50% off which ever the food item you order you can just applied the coupon and you gonna be get the discount on your amount.

Now you have to just give your whole address and their will be option you want to order your food on cash on delivery or any other online payment and from your debit and credit card and order is confirm by the restaurant they will give you the name and the phone number of the delivery boy and you can also track your order on the track option and you can also contact the delivery boy and ask the your location your order and if the delivery boy is facing any trouble finding your address so he can simply call you and you can help to finding in the address.

How to Download Swiggy app

Simple and easy way to download Swiggy app. You have to open the play store app and simply search for Swiggy app. You can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply then installed in your phone. You can share this app with your friend by link.


2.Google Pay app  

This is the best cashless payment app and you don't have to carry huge amount of cash with you can just simply transfer the amount to direct on their bank account and on their Google Pay account. Due to of it,s higher user we don't have to worry for another user we can find easily on shop and mall.

From this app you can pay your phone bills you can also recharge your phone number and you can also pay electricity bill and you can also recharge your dish TV or setup box etc. If you go to any shop and you don't have the change or cash you can simply Google pay the shop owner. You also win voucher when you pay someone by scratching the voucher you can also win prizes. You can also book tickets of bus, train, and flights etc. This is  the most secure app so you don't have to worry about getting scammed.

How to use Google Pay app

First you have open the Google Pay app and you have submit your phone number or Email id than OTP will come you have to submitted now you have to just linked your Google Pay id with your bank account and then you have to setup password for more security purpose now you can use your Google Pay account easily.

How to Download Google Pay app

Simple and easy way to download Google Pay app. You have to open the play store app and simply search for Google Pay app. You can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply then installed in your phone. You can share this app with your friend by link.


3.Ola Cab app

If you don't have any vehicle and you want to go out of station or in local so you can booked a Ola Cab. They provide you 24/7 service and it is more save for the woman because they give you the id of the driver and number and the car plate number and they track the location of the Cab where it is going and they have the emergency button in app so if any tragedy happen you can click the button and they will come to help you.

The prices are not cheap but fair you can afforded and they have variety of cars like micro, mini, sedan and prime sedan and if you want to go out of station with your family you can also book a XUV(Car). They gives you the voucher and you can applied for the discount.

How to use Ola Cab app

First you have open the Ola Cab app and you have submit your phone number or Email id then OTP will come you have to submitted if you want to booked a cab first you have give to your address where you are and then you have submitted the address where you want to go you can choose the car according to the number of member.

When you find the cab then they will give you the number of the driver who is coming to pick you up and they will give you the time period in which the cab is coming pick you up when your cab is booked they will give you the OTP and the car number so you can just find your cab easily when the cab is ready to pick you up then the driver will ask the OTP that you received now you have to give the OTP to the driver and now your journey get started and when you at your drop location you have to submitted the fare of the cab to the driver. You can also give the ratings of your ride and your driver for their attitude. 

How to Download Ola Cab app

Simple and easy way to download Ola Cab app. You have to open the play store app and simply search for Ola Cab app. You can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply then installed in your phone. You can share this app with your friend by link.  



Saturday, June 27, 2020

What is Business Management and principle of Management

What is Management

Management is the art of knowing what you want to do and seeing that you do it very well and frugally. The Management provides leadership to the workers and employees and motivates them to work smoothly. Management is an art to get the work done collectively with group. Management is the art of getting things done by and with individuals in formally organized parties.
Manager at top level spent more time in planning and organized than the managers at lower level.

The main objective of managing is to achieve a predetermined objective while working with other peoples. The good merchant should give every facilities to his employee. Before starting any business, the Manager has to manage his plan and organization. The manager should maintain unity among his employees. The manager should produce a good product from their employees. Basic job a manager is the effective and efficient utilization of physical, financial and human resources to achieve organisational objectives.

Importance of Management

Production work has started to be done on a very large scale with the help of heavy machines as a result of industrial. A new form of organisation has developed in the form of company resulting in faster growth in Management. He has become technical from general to specific and specific. Importance of Management is increasing day by day in present time.

 A business organisation attain top position only because of the quality of Management. Successful organisation do not achieve their goals by chance but by following deliberate process called Management. On the other hand, lack of proper Management result in wastage of time money and efforts. In the absence of Management no organisation can run successfully. Some importance of growing Management are-

1. To face the Competition

With the expansion of markets in the present times, the field of competition has become international.
There has been a bid to drive large and strong units out of the market for small and weak units.

2. Increase in Employment Opportunities

In large units hundreds of thousands of people are employed today. Per day several large units are born which increase employment opportunities. Because the existence of large units remains safe due to Management.

3. To Determine Objects and Policies

Aim has great importance in the life of every institution. The goal of the unit is determined by managing. By the same the fundamental policies of the unit are manufactured.

4. To Carry on Large Scale Units

The setting up of large size business units is preferred. In such case their organisation form is often company organisation. Efficient Management is of great importance for smooth functioning of these circular units.

5. Development of Industrial Ability

Most of the action of managing are related to human behavior. Management improves efficiency and efficiency of the individuals and makes them their best growth. 

Principles of Management

Efficient Management is the basis of commercial and industrial progress and prosperity. In order to make your Management efficient and scientific, It is necessary that a manager is fully aware of the rules and principles of Management and follows them according to circumstances. 

Some Principles growing of Management are:

1. Division of Work

A manager should divide his staff into separate groups. The manager should get the same work done from his employee. Splitting of employees leads to task quickly and easily. The manager should maintain trust in his employees.

2. Discipline

The manager is very necessary to maintain good behaviour with his employees. There will be not good behaviour among the employees then discipline of company will be deteriorated. The manager should create awareness of good behaviour among his employees.    

3. Unity of Direction

The manager must maintain unity among his employees. The manager should direct the same work to his employees. Manager should pick same officer out of group of same employees.

4. Employees Award

The manager should award him good for the good work of the employees. The award should be reasonable and satisfactory. Employees should not greed of rewards and do their job well.

5. Scalar Chain

Should be direct contact between manager and all staff. Employees should communicate any information to their officer. Employees are in trouble of anything then he contact his officer.


The process by which manager synchronises the activities of different departments is known as coordination. Coordination is to balance its various activities (purchases, sales, production, finance etc.) so that objectives of business can be easily achieved.Common directions are needed to group efforts and the working of different departments. The process by which a manager integrates their activities and provide common direction is known as coordination. it is the force that integrates all functions of Management. It is implicit and inherent in all functions of an organization.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What is Pollution and types of Pollution


Due to contaminated water, substance and chemical gases coming out of the factories, the effect of Pollution on our earth is increasing. Due to Pollution, the number of animals and birds is decreasing day by day. Pollution is causing new diseases on the earth. Human may have to see the bad effect of Pollution in future.

Rivers are becoming polluted by the polluted waters flowing out of factories. The contaminated water drained from meet in seas and rivers causing death of many fish. The Ozone layer which helps us from ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun is today becoming weaker due to Pollution. Due to Pollution neither we are getting pure air nor getting pure water. Our Environment is becoming polluted by Pollution.

Types of Pollution

1. Air Pollution

2. Water Pollution

3. Noise Pollution

4. Soil Pollution

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is very harmful for human. Air Pollution is rapidly spreading on earth by mixing dust particles and chemical gases in the air. Air Pollution causes many diseases in human like difficulty in breathing, Asthma, TV etc. The smell of animal's rotten throat residue combined with air pollutes the air. The smoke coming from chimneys of factories is also a cause of air Pollution.

When men breathes then some polluted dust particles are entered into the body of man by air and dust particles harms man's lungs.Our Environment is getting deteriorated by air Pollution. Clean air has converted into poison air due to air Pollution.

Cause of Air Pollution

. Man is harvesting trees day by day, due to which the amount of oxygen on the earth is decreasing.

. The chimney smoke coming out of factories pollute the air by mixing into the air.

. The ozone layer is getting depleted due to air Pollution.

. Man is creating many polluted gases.

Prevention of Air Pollution

. Plants trees on your homes to give you pure air and pure oxygen.

. Whenever you left your homes with a mask on your mouth.

. Do not let asthma patient get out of the house.

. Indiscriminate cutting of trees should be stopped.

. Clean your houses and streets should be cleaned properly.

. We should appeal to the government to reduce the smoke emanating from the chimneys of factories.

Water Pollution

Water has great importance in our life but today he is becoming polluted. The contaminated water coming out of large factories is contaminating them together in the sea and river. The camp and gutter water are being left into the river and river becoming polluted. Due to Pollution today's water is becoming unhygienic.

Drinking polluted water cause many diseases in the body of man. Many new insects and mosquitoes are being generated in polluted water. Leakage of petrol and substances is also cause water Pollution. Water polluting causes many water animals and fish to die.

Cause of Water Pollution

. Bathing and washing water leakage into rivers.

. Organic and inorganic substances mingle into rivers.

. Mixing of waste materials in rivers.

. Contaminated water from factories meet in rivers.

Prevention of Water Pollution

. Use as much water as needed.

. We should keep our houses drains clean.

. We should not throw garbage on our street drains.

. The extraction of contaminated water from the factories should be arranged so that it is not able to get into the sea and rivers.

. Do not throw garbage on the sea and rivers.

. Camp and gutter water not to be left in rivers.

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution is very harmful for child and old people. Side effect of noise Pollution falls directly on the ears of human. Due to this Pollution man's hearing power decreases. Noise coming out of aircraft flying in the sky also promotes noise Pollution. Noise Pollution also has an effect on animal and birds ears.

Industrialization has impaired our health and life, as all small or large industries use machines, causing strong sound and causing direct effect on human ears. Ringing tape recorder in temples is also cause sound Pollution. The Loud music played in the marriage ceremony has a bad effects on humans ears. We should not burn crackers in weddings this causes sound Pollution.

Cause of Noise Pollution

. The sharp sound of horn emanating from train and motorcycle is harmful to man.

. Due to loudspeaker.

. Playing loud music at weddings.

. due to crackers.

Prevention of Noise Pollution

. Horn of low sound should be used in trains and motorcycle.

. Children and old people should keep away from sharp sounds.

. Low-sounding machines should be used in factories.

. In temples loudspeaker should be play in low voice.

. Songs should be played in a low voice at a wedding ceremony

Soil Pollution

Soil is produced by the formation of many biotic and abiotic elements, organic and organic chemicals. Humans get the food from the land, but today same land and soil have become the cause of Pollution.

Man is spraying pesticide medicines and chemical gases on it to make his crops more fertile and good. Some pesticide medicines and chemical gases are so poisonous that destroy the entire crop.

Cause of Soil Pollution

. Due to mixing of chemical gas in crops.

. Due to biotic and abiotic elements.

. Due to waste material. 

. Due to poisonous medicines.


Prevention of Soil Pollution

. We should not use chemical gases to make compost.

. We should not use pesticide medicine.

. Do not use waste materials for compost making.

Friday, June 19, 2020

What is Coronavirus and How to protect yourself from Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the large family of Virus. The venomous form of Corona Virus are shaped by a large spherical molecule. In all countries this Coronavirus is spreading very fast. Many people have been infected with this Coronavirus and many people have died.
In this Coronavirus have spoiled the Economic system of all countries. The most infected country by Coronavirus is America. In many countries many people become jobless.

What is Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the large family of virus but now whole world is suffering from new type of novel Coronavirus. It was First discovered in China in December 2019 from Hunan Seafood Wholesale market. This is the Virus which is transmitted to human body by eating of bats and snakes. This Virus is human to human spread Virus which has the fastest speed of transmission. This Coronavirus also known as Covid-19. Till now day no permanent vaccine is available to kill the Virus but we have the effective vaccine to make our immune system strong to fight against this Virus.

This Coronavirus has the highest human to human spreading rate so this Virus taken no time to spread whole over the world in such a short period. The person who has weak immune system has the higher chance to infect from the novel Covid-19 Virus. The main reason of spread of the Coronavirus is from people who visited china and get infected over there but they have no symptoms of  Coronavirus and came to their country and from them accidentally spread to whole over the world.    

Symptoms of Coronavirus

This Virus till now a day has many symptoms -

. Fever

. Cough

. Sore Throat

. Difficulty in breathing

. Headache

. Body pain

Spread of Coronavirus 

This Virus spread by human to human it's like when you come in contacted with infected person and you handshake or the person sneeze in front of you and you have no mask and if your hand come in contact with your eyes and your mouth then it you have the higher chance of getting infected. The symptoms of Coronavirus occur in between a time period of 8 to 14 days and the symptoms is like high fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Difficulty in Breathing, Headache and body pain etc.

The person which has weak immune system has highest chance of getting infected. The person in the age of 5 -10  and 50 to 80 years old and person who daily smoking and drinking problem has more chance to get infected and cause of death.  

List of Top 10 Countries that are most affected by Coronavirus

1. United States

2. Brazil

3. Russia

4. India

5. UK(United Kingdom)

6. Spain

7. Peru

8. Italy

9. Chile

10. Iran

How to Protect yourself from Coronavirus

We should have to avoid Public places where the crowd is more and we should have to stay at our home in the case we go outside make sure we have mask to protect our face and gloves to protect our hand if we don't have the gloves make sure that are hands don't get in contact with our face and eyes and we came from market crowded area make sure we wash our hand with soap and sanitize are self and we have to maintain a social and physical distance of 1 meter.
Make sure we eat the food which is good for a immune system and to make our immune system strong. We should drink warm water in the morning to increase our immune system. The best way to protect yourself from getting infected by Covid-19 is self isolation.    

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

World is 5 best Leader and his work

A good Leader is one who do good of his country and provide good facilities to his public. A good Leader is someone who take care of the people of your country and allows them to be a least reprimand. Some five best leader of the world-

1. Mahatma Gandhi

2. Abraham Lincoln

3. Napoleon Bonaparte

4. Martin Luther King Jr.

5. George Washington 

Mahatma Gandhi

The full name of Mahatma Gandhi was Mohandas KaramChand Gandhi and was born in the village of Porbandar of Gujarat on 2 October 1869. Mahatma Gandhi ji is one of the best Leader of India.  Their father name was Karamchand Gandhi and mother name Putlibai Gandhi. Gandhi was married to Kasturba Gandhi at the age of 13. Mahatma Gandhi is also called the father of nation of India. Mahatma Gandhi had since childhood become devoted to the feet of his parents. He worked very hard towards his studies and completed his barrister from England. Mahatma Gandhi was the priest of truth and nonviolence. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was the guru of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi  had attempt to remove discrimination in black and white. Mahatma Gandhi had set up the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad Gujarat in 1916. Mahatma Gandhi had the first Satyagraha movement in Champaran of Bihar in 1917. Mahatma Gandhi had also led the non-cooperation movement. The Salt Satyagraha movement was one of the major movements of Gandhi , it is also known as Dandi march. Mahatma Gandhi also gave the slogan of British Quit India. All these movements of Gandhi gave India independence in 15 August 1947. Mahatma Gandhi was the leading political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian Independence movement. Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead by Nathuram Godse at Birla Building in new Delhi on 3 January 1948.

Abraham Lincoln

The full name of Abraham Lincoln was Abraham Thomas Lincoln. He was born on 18 February 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky(US). Abraham Lincoln father name is Thomas Lincoln and mother name is Nancy Lincoln.  Abraham Lincoln wife name is Mary Todd Lincoln. This belonged to a very poor family and these had to face many hardship due to poverty. Abraham Lincoln was against the practice of slavery. He studies his advocacy from America and after some time it became a good lawyer.

 It always spoke the truth and they never answered a lie. Abraham Lincoln also fought the election and it failed twice in the election of the senate. Abraham Lincoln had became the 16th President of America in 1861. Abraham Lincoln is the one of the best President in America. Abraham Lincoln was from the republican party and he was the first republican to became the president of America. In 1861 the civil war at Abraham Lincoln term lasted for 4 years.  Abraham Lincoln died on 15 April 1865.

Napoleon Bonaparte 

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the city of Ajaccio of France in 15 August 1769. Napoleon Bonaparte father name is Carlo Bonaparte and mother name is Letizia Ramolino Bonaparte. These were born into a rich family that Napoleon Bonaparte had a good education in childhood. He complete his studies in France and also learned to speak French. He carried out the impossible task in his life. Napoleon Bonaparte loved to do risky work. After finishing his studies, his father sent him to the military. There was no word like impossible found in the dictionary of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon Bonaparte with his amazing skills and courage rescued France from the foreign enemies. Napoleon Bonaparte became the commander of french army of Italy at the age of 27. Napoleon Bonaparte was brave fearless and great ruler of France. Napoleon Bonaparte having fulfilled his many successful campaigns Napoleon Bonaparte suffered defeat in the battle of Waterloo. Napoleon Bonaparte suffered defeat while doing war with England. Napoleon Bonaparte died on 5 may 1921.       

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr was born in the city of Atlanta of Georgia(US) in 15 January 1924. There father name was Martin Luther King Sr. and mother name Alberta Williams King. Martin Luther King Jr. Father was a pastor in a church. These were born in a Christian family. It was very courageous and fearless person. These had complete their graduation from Morehouse college and then PHD from Boston college. They took a vow to end the discrimination in black and white. They started the common civil law movement and many people were affected by this.

Martin Luther king was awarded the Nobel Prize for his this act. Martin Luther King Jr has led a number of civil movement such as Montgomery bus boycott, Chicago tour, etc. Martin Luther King jr has acquired many titles. It was deeply affected by the all the movements of Gandhi ji. These have been awarded titles somewhere as saints. Martin Luther King Jr died on 4 April 1968.

George Washington

George Washington was born in the city of Virginia of United States in 22 February in 1732. There father name was Augustine Washington and mother name Mary Ball Washington. George Washington parents served as a teacher at the University. It were born in a rich family. After many time he took admission int he school. It was courageous and brave since childhood. George Washington had defeated him by fighting against the British rule. George Washington was married to Martha Dandridge Custis. George Washington played a key role in getting the United states independence from the British state. He was the commander in chief of the continental army during the America revolution.

George Washington became the first President of the United states on 30th April 1789. The current capital of America is named after George Washington. These had won wars somewhere in their time. George Washington was appointed as the head of the United forces of the north state. George Washington is also called the "Father Of America". George Washington has played a crucial role in making America a powerful national. George Washington died on 14 December 1799.    

Friday, June 12, 2020

Best 5 Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a very good place for tourist to roam. A lot of tourist and family come here and enjoy this place. Uttarakhand is land that has been a centre of faith for centuries. There are lots of temple and religious place in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand land enclosed by mountains.

Environment of Uttarakhand is very cool and beautiful. Uttarakhand is the lands of god. Uttarakhand has interesting tracking points. There is also valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. Devbhumi Uttarakhand is as beautiful and heart touching place as the natural and the adventure as well. 

Top 5 Best Place To Visit in Uttarakhand 

1. Dehradun

2. Mussoorie

3. Haridwar

4. Rishikesh

5. Nainital


Dehradun is capital of Uttarakhand. There are many places to roam in Dehradun like FRI(Forest Research, institution), Sahastradhara, Lachhiwala, Guchu pani, Budha Temple and etc. There are lots of college for studies in Dehradun. There are lots of temples in dehradun and people come to worship here.

There is also IMA (Indian Military Academy) in Dehardun. There are many markets in Dehradun like paltan market, sunday market and etc. There are lots of malls and hotels in Dehradun. There are lots of water places in Dehradun like Sahastradhara, Guchu Pani, Lachhiwala and etc.


Mussoorie is also called the queen of the hills. Mussoorie is one of the best hill station of UttarakhandEnvironment of Mussoorie is very cool and beautiful. A lot of tourist and family come here and enjoy this place. Mussoorie is the best place of Uttarakhand. Mall road is main point for shopping in Mussoorie. 

The best place visit in Mussoorie is Kempty fall, Cloud end, Lal tibba, George everest park, happy velly. In winter, tourist come to from different places to see the snowfall in Mussoorie. Best outdoor activities in Mussoorie like Air Ballon, Trekking, Animal safari, Zip-lining. There are lots of maggie point in Mussoorie.


Haridwar is one of the most holy place in Uttarakhand. Here lots of devotess come to worship. Haridwar is the most best place of Uttarakhand. Haridwar is also called the gate of heaven. Haridwar has also been recognized by the name of kumbh nagari. Ganga is considered to be the holy river of here. Har ki pauri is the famous ghat of Haridwar. Lots of devotees come from outside cities to see Ganga aarti.

The special thing about Har Ki Pauri is that every evening there is aarti  of Ganga Maa. Here also seems the fair of kumbh after every 12 years. Ganga river is considered holy river and all the devotees wash their SINS by bathing here. Many ancient temples are still located in haridwar like Mansa Devi Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Maya Devi Mandir. Lots of ashram situated in haridwar.


Rishikesh is one of  most favorite place tourist roam which is situated in Uttarakhand. Environment of rishikesh is cool and beautiful. Ram Jhula situated here has been a centre of attraction for centuries. Rishikesh the land of sage. Every year many pilgrim visit the ashram of rishikesh to meditate.

Laxman jhula, Neelkanth temple is the major tourist destination of rishikesh. Triveni ghat is one of the most famous ghat in rishikesh. Many tourist come to rafting and tracking to in rishikesh. Here lots of devotess come to worship.


Nainital is one of  most favorite place tourist roam which is situated in Uttarakhand. Environment of  Nainital  is cool and chilling. Nainital is one of the best hill station of Uttarakhand

Nainital is somewhere famous by lakes and mountains.There are many lakes like Bhimtal lake, Naukuchiatal lake, Sattal lake. There also many good market in Nainital. There is also zoo in Nainital which is famouse by Bengal Tiger, Himalayan bear and many other animals and birds.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

What is Vidmate app and his Features

A lot of people have download this app and watch online and offline many entertaining program, serial, movies and music videos. Vidmate app is available on Android, IOS, smart TV and more devices.
In this app you can add your location. In this app you can select many languages. Many kids and sports channels are available in this app.

What is Vidmate App

Vidmate app is a very entertaining app. In this app you can watch also online video songs, audio songs, serial, TV shows and movies with high video quality and sound. In this app you can downloading latest movie, video song and serial. In this app you can watching anyone movies, videos, serial and TV shows. In this app you can seen many live telecast channels with different languages.

In this app you can select many subtitle language like Hindi, English, Indonesia and you can select system language also. In this app you can also change your storage setting. In this app you can download file from data and Wi-Fi. In this app you can add max downloading task. In this app you can also hide the many files. In this app you can also watch live cricket telecast. In this app you can watch and download short WhatsApp status.

Vidmate Some Features

 Vidmate app have some features -








Animation Movies And Kids Channel

Vidmate app provide many animation cartoon movie and many kids channels. Animation cartoon movie like - A Dragon Adventure, Jumbo, Dog Town, Chhota Bheem and etc. Many kids channel like – POGO, Disney channel, Disney Kids, Cartoon Network.

Image Download

In this app you can seen many different-different images and you can also download this images. You can share these images by Whatsapp, messenger, Bluetooth and etc. In this app you can like and comments these images.

Funny Videos And Dance Videos

In this app you can watch many funny and cartoon videos. In this app you can watch your favorite Youtuber videos. You can share these funny videos by Whatsapp, Messenger, Bluetooth and etc. In this app you can watch many dance videos and dance show. You can see and download your favorite hero’s dance video in this app.

Video And Music Quality

This app gives you good sound quality and video quality. It’s gives your video quality between 240p, 360p, 480p, 1080p and 4K. You can easily change quality of the videos. You can also set the quality for downloading the videos and movies.

How To Download Vidmate App

Simple and easy way to download Vidmate app. You have to open the play store app and simply search for Vidmate app. You can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply then installed in your phone. You can share this game with your friend by link.    

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Disney+ Hotstar app for android or ios

A lot of people have download this Disney+Hotstar app and watch many entertaining  program, serial, movies and news channel. In this app you can watch many blockbusters movies and latest web series. Disney+Hotstar app is available on Android, IOS, Smart TV and more devices.

In this app many live streaming channels with many others languages. Many kids and sports channels are available in this app. You can also buy premium membership of Disney+Hotstar and enjoy this app.

What Is Disney+ Hotstar App

Disney+Hotstar app is a very entertaining app. In this app you can watch latest movie, latest serial and latest web series. In this app you can watch many Bollywood and latest Hollywood movies. In this app you can also watch live telecast of your favourite serial. In this app you can watch live streaming of news channels. You can also buy premium of Disney+Hotstar and watch latest TV show, latest web series, latest movies. 

In this app you can choose many other languages like Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada and etc. In this app you can won many prizes and gifts.  In this app you can watch live telecast of cricket with your family member. In this app you can download many movie and serial and watch offline. You can also watch an old episode of any serial in this app. In this app you can watch latest American dance shows and American TV serials.

Sports Telecast

In this app you can watch old and new live matches. In this app you can watch also Vivo IPL new season and old matches. In this app you can  watch Pro Kabaddi league matches. In this app you can watch also Football tournaments and football series. In this app you can watch many tournaments and series of Cricket, Pro Kabaddi, Tennis, Football and etc. 

Disney+ Hotstar Kids Channel

In this app you can watch many channels of kids. In this app you can watch many cartoons movies and cartoons channel. You can also buy premium of Disney+Hotstar and watch latest cartoons channel and cartoons movies.You can also watch these cartoon channels and cartoon movies with your family. In this app you can watch also marvel movies and Disney cartoons.

Some Channel Of Disney+ Hotstar

. Star Plus

. Life Ok

. Star Bharat


. Star World

. Fox Life

. Showtime

. Star News

. ABP News

Video And Music Quality

Disney+Hotstar app gives you good sound quality and video quality.  It’s gives your video quality between 240px, 360px, 480px, 1080px. you can change quality of the videos. You can also set the quality for downloading the videos and movies.

How To Download Disney+ Hotstar App

Simple and easy way to download Disney+Hotstar.  you have to open the play store app and simply search for Disney+Hotstar app  download. you can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply  then installed in your phone. you can share this game with your friend by link. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Asphalt Airborne 8 game for android

Asphalt Airborne 8  is a car racing game many people are download this game. This game is best for test your gaming skills in this game. Asphalt Airborne 8  is a racing mobile game and you can play it for free anywhere, anytime. You can play carrier  mode and story mode in this game.

What Is Asphalt Airborne 8 Game

 Asphalt Airborne 8 is a car racing game. In this game you can play many events, festival and unlock many cars and bikes. You can upgrades many cars and bikes in this game. In this game you can race with your friend and random players. In this game you can buy many expensive sports cars and bikes.

You can unlocked many achievements  like collector, Burnout, asphalt freak, asphalt master, asphalt expert and etc. In this game you can play multiplayer mode and career mode. In this game you can play daily task and win many gold. In this game you can create your profile. In this game you can seen your  total play time and last play time.   

How to Play Asphalt Airborne 8 Game

This game you can play easily. First you can chose your maps and modes and then you can chose your car. In this game you can play many events and festival mode and win many gifts and gold. In this game you can chose any maps and race with your friend. You can earn many achievements in this game. You can play carrier mode and unlocked many maps and cars.

In this game you can accepting many challenges. In this game you can customize your steering sensitivity like Tilt To Steer, Tilt And Icons, On-screen Controls, Tap To Steer, Directional Steering. In this game if you have to speed up your car you can also use nitro.  

Asphalt Airborne 8 Car Collection

In this game you can buy and sell many expensive sports cars and bikes. You can choose many colors of cars and bikes. You can buy many cars like Lamborghini Sian, Dodge Dart, Audi R8, Tesla Model S, Mercedes - Benz, Ferrari, Aston Martin Vulcan, Chevrolet Camaro and etc. you can buy many bikes like KTM 1290, Ducati Monster 1200, Suzuki GSX-R750 and etc.

Asphalt Airborne 8 Maps

Many maps in this game like Buddha’s Teachings, Barcelona, Venice, Market Square, Nevada, Iceland, San Diego Harbor Rev and etc. You can play career mode and open many maps and achievements. You can play career mode and  check your car speeds.

How To Download Asphalt Airborne 8 Game

Simple and easy way to download Asphalt Airborne 8 game.  you have to open the play store app and simply search for Asphalt Airborne 8 game  download. you can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply  then installed in your phone. you can share this game with your friend by link.

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