Friday, June 19, 2020

What is Coronavirus and How to protect yourself from Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the large family of Virus. The venomous form of Corona Virus are shaped by a large spherical molecule. In all countries this Coronavirus is spreading very fast. Many people have been infected with this Coronavirus and many people have died.
In this Coronavirus have spoiled the Economic system of all countries. The most infected country by Coronavirus is America. In many countries many people become jobless.

What is Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the large family of virus but now whole world is suffering from new type of novel Coronavirus. It was First discovered in China in December 2019 from Hunan Seafood Wholesale market. This is the Virus which is transmitted to human body by eating of bats and snakes. This Virus is human to human spread Virus which has the fastest speed of transmission. This Coronavirus also known as Covid-19. Till now day no permanent vaccine is available to kill the Virus but we have the effective vaccine to make our immune system strong to fight against this Virus.

This Coronavirus has the highest human to human spreading rate so this Virus taken no time to spread whole over the world in such a short period. The person who has weak immune system has the higher chance to infect from the novel Covid-19 Virus. The main reason of spread of the Coronavirus is from people who visited china and get infected over there but they have no symptoms of  Coronavirus and came to their country and from them accidentally spread to whole over the world.    

Symptoms of Coronavirus

This Virus till now a day has many symptoms -

. Fever

. Cough

. Sore Throat

. Difficulty in breathing

. Headache

. Body pain

Spread of Coronavirus 

This Virus spread by human to human it's like when you come in contacted with infected person and you handshake or the person sneeze in front of you and you have no mask and if your hand come in contact with your eyes and your mouth then it you have the higher chance of getting infected. The symptoms of Coronavirus occur in between a time period of 8 to 14 days and the symptoms is like high fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Difficulty in Breathing, Headache and body pain etc.

The person which has weak immune system has highest chance of getting infected. The person in the age of 5 -10  and 50 to 80 years old and person who daily smoking and drinking problem has more chance to get infected and cause of death.  

List of Top 10 Countries that are most affected by Coronavirus

1. United States

2. Brazil

3. Russia

4. India

5. UK(United Kingdom)

6. Spain

7. Peru

8. Italy

9. Chile

10. Iran

How to Protect yourself from Coronavirus

We should have to avoid Public places where the crowd is more and we should have to stay at our home in the case we go outside make sure we have mask to protect our face and gloves to protect our hand if we don't have the gloves make sure that are hands don't get in contact with our face and eyes and we came from market crowded area make sure we wash our hand with soap and sanitize are self and we have to maintain a social and physical distance of 1 meter.
Make sure we eat the food which is good for a immune system and to make our immune system strong. We should drink warm water in the morning to increase our immune system. The best way to protect yourself from getting infected by Covid-19 is self isolation.    

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