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What is Pollution and types of Pollution


Due to contaminated water, substance and chemical gases coming out of the factories, the effect of Pollution on our earth is increasing. Due to Pollution, the number of animals and birds is decreasing day by day. Pollution is causing new diseases on the earth. Human may have to see the bad effect of Pollution in future.

Rivers are becoming polluted by the polluted waters flowing out of factories. The contaminated water drained from meet in seas and rivers causing death of many fish. The Ozone layer which helps us from ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun is today becoming weaker due to Pollution. Due to Pollution neither we are getting pure air nor getting pure water. Our Environment is becoming polluted by Pollution.

Types of Pollution

1. Air Pollution

2. Water Pollution

3. Noise Pollution

4. Soil Pollution

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is very harmful for human. Air Pollution is rapidly spreading on earth by mixing dust particles and chemical gases in the air. Air Pollution causes many diseases in human like difficulty in breathing, Asthma, TV etc. The smell of animal's rotten throat residue combined with air pollutes the air. The smoke coming from chimneys of factories is also a cause of air Pollution.

When men breathes then some polluted dust particles are entered into the body of man by air and dust particles harms man's lungs.Our Environment is getting deteriorated by air Pollution. Clean air has converted into poison air due to air Pollution.

Cause of Air Pollution

. Man is harvesting trees day by day, due to which the amount of oxygen on the earth is decreasing.

. The chimney smoke coming out of factories pollute the air by mixing into the air.

. The ozone layer is getting depleted due to air Pollution.

. Man is creating many polluted gases.

Prevention of Air Pollution

. Plants trees on your homes to give you pure air and pure oxygen.

. Whenever you left your homes with a mask on your mouth.

. Do not let asthma patient get out of the house.

. Indiscriminate cutting of trees should be stopped.

. Clean your houses and streets should be cleaned properly.

. We should appeal to the government to reduce the smoke emanating from the chimneys of factories.

Water Pollution

Water has great importance in our life but today he is becoming polluted. The contaminated water coming out of large factories is contaminating them together in the sea and river. The camp and gutter water are being left into the river and river becoming polluted. Due to Pollution today's water is becoming unhygienic.

Drinking polluted water cause many diseases in the body of man. Many new insects and mosquitoes are being generated in polluted water. Leakage of petrol and substances is also cause water Pollution. Water polluting causes many water animals and fish to die.

Cause of Water Pollution

. Bathing and washing water leakage into rivers.

. Organic and inorganic substances mingle into rivers.

. Mixing of waste materials in rivers.

. Contaminated water from factories meet in rivers.

Prevention of Water Pollution

. Use as much water as needed.

. We should keep our houses drains clean.

. We should not throw garbage on our street drains.

. The extraction of contaminated water from the factories should be arranged so that it is not able to get into the sea and rivers.

. Do not throw garbage on the sea and rivers.

. Camp and gutter water not to be left in rivers.

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution is very harmful for child and old people. Side effect of noise Pollution falls directly on the ears of human. Due to this Pollution man's hearing power decreases. Noise coming out of aircraft flying in the sky also promotes noise Pollution. Noise Pollution also has an effect on animal and birds ears.

Industrialization has impaired our health and life, as all small or large industries use machines, causing strong sound and causing direct effect on human ears. Ringing tape recorder in temples is also cause sound Pollution. The Loud music played in the marriage ceremony has a bad effects on humans ears. We should not burn crackers in weddings this causes sound Pollution.

Cause of Noise Pollution

. The sharp sound of horn emanating from train and motorcycle is harmful to man.

. Due to loudspeaker.

. Playing loud music at weddings.

. due to crackers.

Prevention of Noise Pollution

. Horn of low sound should be used in trains and motorcycle.

. Children and old people should keep away from sharp sounds.

. Low-sounding machines should be used in factories.

. In temples loudspeaker should be play in low voice.

. Songs should be played in a low voice at a wedding ceremony

Soil Pollution

Soil is produced by the formation of many biotic and abiotic elements, organic and organic chemicals. Humans get the food from the land, but today same land and soil have become the cause of Pollution.

Man is spraying pesticide medicines and chemical gases on it to make his crops more fertile and good. Some pesticide medicines and chemical gases are so poisonous that destroy the entire crop.

Cause of Soil Pollution

. Due to mixing of chemical gas in crops.

. Due to biotic and abiotic elements.

. Due to waste material. 

. Due to poisonous medicines.


Prevention of Soil Pollution

. We should not use chemical gases to make compost.

. We should not use pesticide medicine.

. Do not use waste materials for compost making.

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