Friday, July 31, 2020

How to Lose Weight

Hi everyone today is my topic is how to lose Weight. If you know that everyone is not like his fat they feel uncomfortable with other person. They thinking about her body fat and they feel very bad for himself. So don,t worry guys today i will give you some good tips they can help you to reduce your Weight and make your body perfect shape So i will start the topic-

Best 5 Ways to Lose Weight

1. Morning Exercise

Exercise is one of the best way to reduce your fat from your body. For exercise we get up early in the morning and the best timing for exercise is 5.30 am to 6.30 am 1 hour is enough for your daily routine. Exercise maintain our body in good shape they will reduce your fat very fast if you do exercise in your daily routine i will give you some example of exercise. Running, walking, stretching, push up and running on incline they will help you to reduce your  body fat. But do exercise before your breakfast not after your breakfast. After this exercise you will get benefits i assured you but please do in a proper way and open place.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is also a good way to reduce a fat from your body they will also helpful for your immune system it is herbal tea and it make your body healthy and good. They removed many diseases from our body and make our digestive system good. It contains polyphenols and help us to reduce cancer cells from our body. So i will advice you to drink 2 -8 cups of green tea in a day  they will surely help you to reduce your Weight and glow your skin destroy your stress level so please check it out green tea its really helped you. 



3. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is most important for our body it maintain our body perfect. If our digestive system function well then our whole body remain healthy and good. If the digestive system is not correct then the body also becomes unwell. In Healthy diet we should eat green vegetables and fruits. In that time we should love to eat fast food but they effect in our body and grow fat  then our immune system got weak. So we need to perfect our digestive system and our body. In the morning we should eat lite breakfast not heavy breakfast i will give you some example of food, drinks, fruits. In food we should eat Bread, Corn flakes, Chapati and Green vegetables. In drinks we have choices in Milk and Juices. In fruits we should eat fresh and healthy food like Banana, Apple, Pomegranate, Grapes. It will give you perfect shape and perfect body.

4. Get Good Sleep

For good health and good shape for a body we need to sleep good. Everyone need a good sleep in a night because they are tired in a whole day it's not matter they are female or a male they wants a good sleep in a night. Everyone need 8 hours to sleep good if they are not sleep properly they don,t do their exercise properly don,t eat food proper their whole day is bad they don,t talk properly they are in sleepy mood they fell tired they got headache so please we request you to sleep properly to get fresh mood and stay healthy. 

5. Gym Exercise

Gym is also a good way to lose your Weight. In a gym you got a trainer who helps you to lose your weight and they have many equipment for weight lose they also have a good products of proteins powders which make you slim very fast. They give you your diet chart also which may help you to reduce your Weight. If you are a gym lover its good for you to go there. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to maintain Good Health

In today's chilling life people don't have time for themselves take some time out for themselves to and pay little attention to their Health. Man's brain and Health get weakened by continuously working which causes frustration in the mind. If our Health will not remain good our mind will also remain turbulent and our work remain incomplete so man should take little time out for himself and pay attention to his Health. It is necessary to sleep early at night to keep good Health. You can improve and energetic your Health even by staying home. As good as your Health, you can fight many diseases.

5 Tips on how to Maintain Good Health

. Yoga

1. Yoga

Doing Yoga in the morning time makes our whole day fresh and full of enthusiasm. Doing Yoga makes us forget all the sufferings of our life and forget all our troubles. Yoga is the only remedy which is important to meet the success of life. Yoga removes many diseases and keeps our Health good. Yoga is a medicine which can changed our whole life. Stress is a thing which spoil our life people start consuming alcohol and other harmful substance. Yoga is a medicine which removes all these stress. Yoga gives us the power to fight many diseases and diseases. Yoga has proved to be a boon for the body and brain. Doing Yoga keeps the mind happy and good Health always. Doing yoga helps in removing breathing diseases.   

2. Healthy Diet

If our digestive system function well then our whole body remain healthy and good. If the digestive system is not correct then the body also becomes unwell. In Healthy diet we should eat green vegetables and fruits. In that time we should love to eat fast food but they effect in our digestive system then our immune system got weak. So we need to perfect our digestive system and immune system then we should eat healthy and good food . In good food and vegetables we have more choices like Spinach, Beet greens, Cabbage, Lettuce, Banana , Pomegranate, Apple Etc. We should eat healthy breakfast in the morning with milk and juice they improve our vitamins and proteins in a body.

3. Stay Hydrated

Water is most precious thing in a world everyone need water like human plant animal  everyone know the value of water . Human need 3.7 litres in a day to stay their body hydrated . If our body dehydrate they have many problems like vomiting, Lose motion and many type of stomach diseases. 
We need to drink plenty of water for our good Health they give us plenty of benefits like glow skin, Our immune system work good , Blood pressure will maintain. So i prefer you to drink plenty of water to be stay hydrated.   

4. Get Good Sleep

Everyone need a good sleep in a night because they are tired in a whole day it's not matter they are female or a male everyone wants a good sleep in a night . Everyone need 8 hours to sleep good if they are not sleep properly their whole day is bad they don,t talk properly they are in sleepy mood they fell tired they got headache so please we request you to sleep  properly to get fresh mood and stay healthy.  

5. Eat your Meals Properly

We eat we live my point is we eat our meals properly we live a good and healthy life because if we not eat properly our body is not work proper and we need a good and healthy body to do our daily work like office work, home work, shop work etc they effect our whole body we lose our Vitamins and Proteins and it's not good for our health because we need Proteins and Vitamins to make our body perfect. If we eat our meal properly it's make our body healthy and make our immune system good. So i prefer to you please don't miss your regular meals.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Best ways to earn Money online

My name is Jatin Rawat and today i will tell you what to do earn Money online. You can fulfill your dreams by earnings Money online. To earn Money online you have to use a lot of hard work and intelligence. You can also get a lot of Money from the online site. You can earn Money online even by an app. You can also earn Money from online gaming app.

Best 6 ways to earn Money online such as-

. Earn Money online by Youtube
. Earn Money online by Blogging
. Earn Money online by Affiliate Marketing
. Earn Monney online by GoDaddy
. Earn Money online by Web Designing
. Earn Money Online by Games

1. Earn Money Online by Youtube

Youtube is a very big platform to make Money online. In Youtube you can create your channel and focus people attention by putting good videos, songs and good content. Google will provide you AdSense approval when good views and subscription on your channel start increasing. In Youtube you can earn a lot of Money from Google AdSense. Youtube is not just for one person anyone person can earn a lot of Money from Youtube by putting good content. On Youtube you can live stream of a lot of games. If your game play is good and people who see you on live stream can also send you Money by super chat. If people like your content then one day you can also become a big Youtuber.   

2. Earn Money Online by Blogging

Blogging is a good platform of earning Money. Blogging allows you to earn a lot of Money. A lot of people are earn a lot of Money by blogging. First you have to create your account in Blogger. In Blogging you can post your good and unique article. If your article is related by anything so that article you can tell by post. If your article will be good and unique then the visitors will come in your site for read your articles and that will increase your audience. In Blogging you can earn a lot of Money by Google AdSense. In Blogging you have to rank your site in Google. If your site gets rank in Google you can earn a lot of Money. If you have to rank your site in Google then you have to write good and unique article.    

3. Earn Money Online by Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn Money online from Affiliate Marketing. The company you are working for has to promote the product of the company. In Affiliate Marketing you can sell the company product to any person. If you sell any company product to other person in higher quality the company give you a lot of Money. In Affiliate Marketing you can show and sell any product to other person by link.  

4. Earn Money Online by GoDaddy

You can also earn Money online from GoDaddy. You can sell domain to other person and earn a lot of Money. Nowadays a lot of people are blogging if he want domain for blogging you can sell domain to him and earn a lot of Money.

5. Earn Money Online by Web Designing

You can also earn Money online from Web Designing. In Web Designing you can design people site and earn a lot of Money. You can have good wallpaper, Theme and good design on the site of people. From Web Designing you can design any company site and earn a lot of Money

6. Earn Money Online by Games


You can also earn Money online from games. A lot of online games have come in nowadays by playing those games you can earn a lot of Money. If you won anyone game then Money is directly put into your account. From MPL( Mobile Premier League) game app also you can earn a lot of Money.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What is Amazon app and How to get Amazon prime Membership

What is Amazon app

If you want to buy anything for houses hold purpose and any essential need like Electronics, Furniture, House hold accessory and clothes etc. So you can also shop food item like ( Pulses, Wheat, Rice and Dry fruits etc.) and any food item. They sell the lowest price product than any other web site and it is also the India's most trusted app with millions of happy customer.


This app has the fastest delivery rate compare to any other app and if you don't want anything you can just give the thing back and you can have your money back with in the week this offer only for a time period of 7 days. This app the also have feature you can track your order location where it is coming on time or time or time delay you can see on the tracking facilities.

How to Buy Product on Amazon app

When you open the app you have to make a id for that you have to give your number then OTP will come you have to submitted in it OTP option so now you can search over the app on the search option you have to type the item and whatever thing want to buy you can search it over their and you can choose the from the different company product which ever is good for your budget you can just simply click on the product and their quantity option.

How many you want their is also the color option if you want to buy in different color and their is the size option if you want her different size and when you choose your product you have to fill formality like your address your area pin code and you can also give your second number by chance if your first number is switch off or out of services so they can contact your second number. There also option cash on delivery and online payment like your credit card, debit card and online payment app etc.

How To get Amazon Prime Membership

First you have open the Amazon app then click your try prime option if you are taking membership first time on Amazon then you get one month free trial. one month free trial finish then you can choose one month or one year prime membership. One month prime membership price is 199 rupees and one year prime membership price is 999 rupees. The payment of Amazon prime membership you can also do it from credit card and debit card. You can take many benefits of the Amazon prime membership.

Some benefits Amazon prime membership such as-

1. Amazon Prime Video

2. Amazon Music

3. Free Delivery

1. Amazon Prime Video

First you install the Amazon prime video app and then open the Amazon prime video app and login your account. In Amazon prime video you can seen many all latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD print. In Amazon you can also watch America TV show and India TV show. In Amazon video you can also watch cartoon and cartoon's movie with your kids and family. You can choose many languages in this app. In Amazon prime video you can also download Movies, TV show and kids movies.

2. Amazon Music

First you install the Amazon music app and then open the Amazon music app and login your account. In Amazon music you can hear lots of latest Bollywood and Hollywood songs. In Amazon music you can also download many Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Just ask for your favourite song, voice-controlled with Alexa.

3. Free Delivery

The advantage of Amazon prime membership is this if you buy any product so you will not have to pay delivery charge of that product. If you buy any product then Amazon does delivery of that product in one day. Amazon prime gives you good offer in low budget.

How to Download Amazon app

Simple and easy way to download Amazon app. You have to open the play store app and simply search for Amazon app. You can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply then installed in your phone. You can share this app with your friend by link.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

What is Biotechnology and types of Biotechnology

Today I will tell you about Biotechnology. How many kinds of it is and what does it matter in our life. Biotechnology has great importance in our life.

. What is Biotechnology
. Types of Biotechnology
. Use of Biotechnology
. Opportunity in Biotechnology

What is Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the modern branch of biological science. Biotechnology is commonly known as biotech. Biotechnology is technology that involves the use of living organism. Today Biotechnology is being used in the large industries. Agriculture also has lot of use Biotechnology. Biotechnology is the field of both medical and agriculture. Also Biotechnology is used to prevent big epidemic.

It has the range of living organisms like fungi, algae, bacteria, tissue and any of plant and animal cells etc. obtained at the industrial level by utilizing technological application to produce useful products. Also Biotechnology is being used for making new medicines. Biotechnology has also greatly developed in medical field and agriculture field.

Types of Biotechnology

1. Red Biotechnology

Red Biotechnology is a process that utilizes organisms to improve health and help the body fight diseases. Red Biotechnology is used in the designing of organism. Red Biotechnology is also used in genetic manipulation. 

2. Blue Biotechnology

Blue Biotechnology is used on ocean organism. Blue Biotechnology is used on fish, turtle and water organism. This experiment is called blue Biotechnology. Medicament have been prepared for AIDS with the help of sponges found in the sea. Marine rabbit gene have helped to some extent from the deadly disease like cancer. 

3. White Biotechnology

White Biotechnology is used in industries, so it is called white Biotechnology. Any industries is required to make the design of an organism to produce a good chemical.  

4. Green Biotechnology

Green Biotechnology is a part of Agriculture. In green Biotechnology the crops are taught to be fertile. In green Biotechnology tell about protecting plants and crops. Men and animal have getting nutritive food because of green Biotechnology. Getting clean water for humans to drink from green Biotechnology.

Use of Biotechnology

1. In the field of Agriculture

Agriculture has very important use of Biotechnology . As at present, Biotechnology is necessary for agriculture to deal with problems like climate change, decomposition of agricultural land, degradation of underground water level, pollution of surface water sources. 

2. In the field of Medicine

With the help of Biotechnology Insulin was invented which was named Humulin. Insulin has acted like a boon for diabetics. The progress of this technique at a very low cost has been achieved by the production of specific chemicals to produce the body's hormones, disease-resistant antibiotic protein and good quality vaccines. Many patient have been free from many disease due to Biotechnology. It is also used in the production of new medicines. 

3. In the field of Medical 

There has been a lot of development in the medical field from Biotechnology. The use of gene engineering has proved to be very effective in prevention of diseases by repairing gene. Embryology has given rapid growth of good species of animals and has successfully treated many diseases.  

4. In the field of DNA finger printing

DNA finger printing is a unique technique of the field of Biotechnology. It is used in the techniques of catching the real culprit. It is also used in hospitals. The father of the child can be traced with the help of DNA.  DNA fingerprint is also used in animals gene and plants gene. 

Opportunity in Biotechnology

Bengaluru name in India has been developing as the fastest Biotechnology hub. Here's the Biotechnology companies annual turnover of rupees 15 thousand crore. In the field of Biotechnology India is continuously developing. This fields get lots of job opportunity. In this field, humans get an opportunity to learn about Biotechnology. The private field and Government field has great importance of Biotechnology

Courses of Biotechnology

You can do the course of Biotechnology in four ways-

1. Diploma 

2. Bachelor Degree

3. Post Graduation

4. PHD in Biotechnology

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