Friday, July 31, 2020

How to Lose Weight

Hi everyone today is my topic is how to lose Weight. If you know that everyone is not like his fat they feel uncomfortable with other person. They thinking about her body fat and they feel very bad for himself. So don,t worry guys today i will give you some good tips they can help you to reduce your Weight and make your body perfect shape So i will start the topic-

Best 5 Ways to Lose Weight

1. Morning Exercise

Exercise is one of the best way to reduce your fat from your body. For exercise we get up early in the morning and the best timing for exercise is 5.30 am to 6.30 am 1 hour is enough for your daily routine. Exercise maintain our body in good shape they will reduce your fat very fast if you do exercise in your daily routine i will give you some example of exercise. Running, walking, stretching, push up and running on incline they will help you to reduce your  body fat. But do exercise before your breakfast not after your breakfast. After this exercise you will get benefits i assured you but please do in a proper way and open place.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is also a good way to reduce a fat from your body they will also helpful for your immune system it is herbal tea and it make your body healthy and good. They removed many diseases from our body and make our digestive system good. It contains polyphenols and help us to reduce cancer cells from our body. So i will advice you to drink 2 -8 cups of green tea in a day  they will surely help you to reduce your Weight and glow your skin destroy your stress level so please check it out green tea its really helped you. 



3. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is most important for our body it maintain our body perfect. If our digestive system function well then our whole body remain healthy and good. If the digestive system is not correct then the body also becomes unwell. In Healthy diet we should eat green vegetables and fruits. In that time we should love to eat fast food but they effect in our body and grow fat  then our immune system got weak. So we need to perfect our digestive system and our body. In the morning we should eat lite breakfast not heavy breakfast i will give you some example of food, drinks, fruits. In food we should eat Bread, Corn flakes, Chapati and Green vegetables. In drinks we have choices in Milk and Juices. In fruits we should eat fresh and healthy food like Banana, Apple, Pomegranate, Grapes. It will give you perfect shape and perfect body.

4. Get Good Sleep

For good health and good shape for a body we need to sleep good. Everyone need a good sleep in a night because they are tired in a whole day it's not matter they are female or a male they wants a good sleep in a night. Everyone need 8 hours to sleep good if they are not sleep properly they don,t do their exercise properly don,t eat food proper their whole day is bad they don,t talk properly they are in sleepy mood they fell tired they got headache so please we request you to sleep properly to get fresh mood and stay healthy. 

5. Gym Exercise

Gym is also a good way to lose your Weight. In a gym you got a trainer who helps you to lose your weight and they have many equipment for weight lose they also have a good products of proteins powders which make you slim very fast. They give you your diet chart also which may help you to reduce your Weight. If you are a gym lover its good for you to go there. 

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