Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What is Amazon app and How to get Amazon prime Membership

What is Amazon app

If you want to buy anything for houses hold purpose and any essential need like Electronics, Furniture, House hold accessory and clothes etc. So you can also shop food item like ( Pulses, Wheat, Rice and Dry fruits etc.) and any food item. They sell the lowest price product than any other web site and it is also the India's most trusted app with millions of happy customer.


This app has the fastest delivery rate compare to any other app and if you don't want anything you can just give the thing back and you can have your money back with in the week this offer only for a time period of 7 days. This app the also have feature you can track your order location where it is coming on time or time or time delay you can see on the tracking facilities.

How to Buy Product on Amazon app

When you open the app you have to make a id for that you have to give your number then OTP will come you have to submitted in it OTP option so now you can search over the app on the search option you have to type the item and whatever thing want to buy you can search it over their and you can choose the from the different company product which ever is good for your budget you can just simply click on the product and their quantity option.

How many you want their is also the color option if you want to buy in different color and their is the size option if you want her different size and when you choose your product you have to fill formality like your address your area pin code and you can also give your second number by chance if your first number is switch off or out of services so they can contact your second number. There also option cash on delivery and online payment like your credit card, debit card and online payment app etc.

How To get Amazon Prime Membership

First you have open the Amazon app then click your try prime option if you are taking membership first time on Amazon then you get one month free trial. one month free trial finish then you can choose one month or one year prime membership. One month prime membership price is 199 rupees and one year prime membership price is 999 rupees. The payment of Amazon prime membership you can also do it from credit card and debit card. You can take many benefits of the Amazon prime membership.

Some benefits Amazon prime membership such as-

1. Amazon Prime Video

2. Amazon Music

3. Free Delivery

1. Amazon Prime Video

First you install the Amazon prime video app and then open the Amazon prime video app and login your account. In Amazon prime video you can seen many all latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD print. In Amazon you can also watch America TV show and India TV show. In Amazon video you can also watch cartoon and cartoon's movie with your kids and family. You can choose many languages in this app. In Amazon prime video you can also download Movies, TV show and kids movies.

2. Amazon Music

First you install the Amazon music app and then open the Amazon music app and login your account. In Amazon music you can hear lots of latest Bollywood and Hollywood songs. In Amazon music you can also download many Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Just ask for your favourite song, voice-controlled with Alexa.

3. Free Delivery

The advantage of Amazon prime membership is this if you buy any product so you will not have to pay delivery charge of that product. If you buy any product then Amazon does delivery of that product in one day. Amazon prime gives you good offer in low budget.

How to Download Amazon app

Simple and easy way to download Amazon app. You have to open the play store app and simply search for Amazon app. You can downloaded from both mobile data and wi-fi and simply then installed in your phone. You can share this app with your friend by link.

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