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What is Biotechnology and types of Biotechnology

Today I will tell you about Biotechnology. How many kinds of it is and what does it matter in our life. Biotechnology has great importance in our life.

. What is Biotechnology
. Types of Biotechnology
. Use of Biotechnology
. Opportunity in Biotechnology

What is Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the modern branch of biological science. Biotechnology is commonly known as biotech. Biotechnology is technology that involves the use of living organism. Today Biotechnology is being used in the large industries. Agriculture also has lot of use Biotechnology. Biotechnology is the field of both medical and agriculture. Also Biotechnology is used to prevent big epidemic.

It has the range of living organisms like fungi, algae, bacteria, tissue and any of plant and animal cells etc. obtained at the industrial level by utilizing technological application to produce useful products. Also Biotechnology is being used for making new medicines. Biotechnology has also greatly developed in medical field and agriculture field.

Types of Biotechnology

1. Red Biotechnology

Red Biotechnology is a process that utilizes organisms to improve health and help the body fight diseases. Red Biotechnology is used in the designing of organism. Red Biotechnology is also used in genetic manipulation. 

2. Blue Biotechnology

Blue Biotechnology is used on ocean organism. Blue Biotechnology is used on fish, turtle and water organism. This experiment is called blue Biotechnology. Medicament have been prepared for AIDS with the help of sponges found in the sea. Marine rabbit gene have helped to some extent from the deadly disease like cancer. 

3. White Biotechnology

White Biotechnology is used in industries, so it is called white Biotechnology. Any industries is required to make the design of an organism to produce a good chemical.  

4. Green Biotechnology

Green Biotechnology is a part of Agriculture. In green Biotechnology the crops are taught to be fertile. In green Biotechnology tell about protecting plants and crops. Men and animal have getting nutritive food because of green Biotechnology. Getting clean water for humans to drink from green Biotechnology.

Use of Biotechnology

1. In the field of Agriculture

Agriculture has very important use of Biotechnology . As at present, Biotechnology is necessary for agriculture to deal with problems like climate change, decomposition of agricultural land, degradation of underground water level, pollution of surface water sources. 

2. In the field of Medicine

With the help of Biotechnology Insulin was invented which was named Humulin. Insulin has acted like a boon for diabetics. The progress of this technique at a very low cost has been achieved by the production of specific chemicals to produce the body's hormones, disease-resistant antibiotic protein and good quality vaccines. Many patient have been free from many disease due to Biotechnology. It is also used in the production of new medicines. 

3. In the field of Medical 

There has been a lot of development in the medical field from Biotechnology. The use of gene engineering has proved to be very effective in prevention of diseases by repairing gene. Embryology has given rapid growth of good species of animals and has successfully treated many diseases.  

4. In the field of DNA finger printing

DNA finger printing is a unique technique of the field of Biotechnology. It is used in the techniques of catching the real culprit. It is also used in hospitals. The father of the child can be traced with the help of DNA.  DNA fingerprint is also used in animals gene and plants gene. 

Opportunity in Biotechnology

Bengaluru name in India has been developing as the fastest Biotechnology hub. Here's the Biotechnology companies annual turnover of rupees 15 thousand crore. In the field of Biotechnology India is continuously developing. This fields get lots of job opportunity. In this field, humans get an opportunity to learn about Biotechnology. The private field and Government field has great importance of Biotechnology

Courses of Biotechnology

You can do the course of Biotechnology in four ways-

1. Diploma 

2. Bachelor Degree

3. Post Graduation

4. PHD in Biotechnology

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