Saturday, August 15, 2020

5 Tips Of Movie Theaters

So hello guys today we are talking about Movie Theaters. I think we all loved to watch a movie in big screen of Movie Theaters. In a big screen we loved to see our favourite actor and star performance is awesome and it is very good entertainment place for public but it is a payable place it you want to enter their you want to gets Movie tickets. So i will give you 5 tips for Movie Theaters if you want to enjoy your day in Movie Theaters lets start.

 1. Movie Tickets

We all are know that we don't go without Tickets in Movie Theaters so please purchase a Tickets for your movies. Because if you don't purchase a Tickets and entering in theaters. There are guard in entry area and they will ask for your Movie Tickets if you don't show your movie tickets they will through out you from Movie Theaters. Don't mess with the guard if you don't have a Tickets they will called a police if police arrive there then you know very well your day is gone be a bad day for you so i will advice you please purchase a Ticket for your better experience in Movie Theaters and enjoy your movie show in a best way.

2. Theaters Food

We all know that food entry is banned in Movie Theaters if you want to eat some food you want to buy from cinema candy and their food price is very high and expensive if your budget is low ask about food combo. They have food combos in low price and it is a best deal for you. If you come with your baby so don't worry about your baby food. Because baby food is allowed in every cinema and Movie Theaters and i will also define you why there food is so expensive because there earning is come from their food and the food quality is very good that's why there food is so expensive. But if you want food go in break of your movie it's save your time and your Movie best scenes.


3. Privacy of Movie Theaters

If you want to go in any Movie Theaters or cinemas don't carry your Luggage and armory because they are totally banned in theaters go with your small bags because they are very lite weight and adjust table in theaters and one of the most thing choose best cinemas and Movie Theaters because they have best and good equipment. So please don't do this things they will spoil your moments of movie.          

4. Complain

If you are facing any problem so please don't be hesitate call the worker of your theaters. If you don't satisfied then call the duty manager of theater in any cases of like Misbehaving, Extra charges, Tips because theaters does not allowed this type of things and this is your right to complain these things. If they don't solve your complain you can also mail a complain to his head office they will take a action on a manager and their staff. They will also call you for your complain feedback. If you are lucky they will may be give you a compliment of free tickets and free food.

5. Feedback 

If you wanna go with your family and with your friends for a Movie Theater. Use the internet and check the feedback of a theater and the public reviews of the theater. Because this time the generation of our country or world is upgrade. They will post all of the things bad and good both and it very good for us to judge a better Movie Theater to watch a movie. So please check the reviews of people about your Movie Theater where you wanna go and give your feedback also to help the other people to find the best Movie Theaters.   

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